Why are there different numbers of chakras in different systems?

According to differing practices and inner experiences among cultures, there are a variety of readings of our energy system based on different cosmic concepts. The chakra system is something like a seven-story pagoda where each successively higher level gets smaller in size. By using the ascending pagoda concept, Indians find it much easier to follow the energy movement and patterns within the human body. The Chinese concept, with the 12 animal celestial cycle and the taichi, and yin and yang patterns has developed the 12 meridians system and the “rren and du meridian system which act like a network going through the front part and the dorsal part of our body along with the center of our vertebra which are linked in the so-called 33 heavens levels to connect all internal meridians and organs. Actually the ren du and meridian cycle are just a concept of reading our body from a circle vertically up and down, which precisely corresponds with the seven chakra system. In other words, these chakras and meridians systems are just energy systems that act like planets orbiting the solar system, rotating and moving within a big orbit from different dimensions and angles of view of the same space.


Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI