Does the practice of chikung require one to believe or act in ways that are incompatible with western established religions like Christianity, Judaism and Islam or eastern religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Confucicianism?

Whether or not you have a religious belief (be it an eastern or western religion) has no bearing on one‘s practice of chikung. Even though chikung does have a strong connection (especially mentally and spiritually) with the inner experience and ceremonies, held in different religions, chikung by being compatible with all disciplines and practices is independent of them. Therefore, chikung can be used as a tool to understand much more about the metaphysical side of a religion from the religious viewpoint of Christianity, Islam, or Buddhism (among others), or chikung can be totally independent without being attached to any type of religious belief or discipline. The latter we see in the Tao in taichi and the forces of yin and yang (which lead us into the reality and the actual state of universal forces in a more holistic point of view without adding too much of our subjective ideas and theories toit.) So, chikung acts like a blank piece of paper which allows us to attain our absolute freedom and emptiness that is the foundation for entering the highest form of Tao for everything.


Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI