Are homosexuals able to practice chikung?

Of course homosexuals can practice chikung the same as everyone else can. They are as ordinary as everyone else is. The problem they face is the pressure which tradition and traditional morality creates for them. They are a natural part of nature, just like the part of yin within yang is and the yang within the yin is: they belong to the whole category of taichi. The problems which homosexuals face arises from hetereosexual people'ss misunderstanding of natural law. This misunderstanding is but the heterosexuals' own attempt to create a more superior and legitimate position for themselves by focusing on homosexuals as a minority which can be persecuted.

This misunderstanding of the natural law leads homosexuals to think too much: if homosexuals are able to accept themselves as a natural part of nature and society, there will be less misunderstanding and antagonism in society. So, if we are looking for peace, we should see all people from a holistic point of view and not look at a person as being "chosen" or "cursed".

As we know, our biggest enemy is ourself in general with the next biggest enemy for women being other women and the biggest enemy for men being other men. Following these, the next biggest enemy is the enemy between both sexes. From these basic priniciples we will understand that within the chi of taichi the problem for perfecting our chi system will first be our will and action followed by the forces from the nature with the stimuli from the people around us, especially the (opposite) sex in an intimate realtionship or the challenge from your working environment playing the role of enemy. @From this point of view we may find out that besides the misunderstanding heterosexual people have about homosexual people, the pressure added onto homosexual people will mostly come from within themselves when they agree with the heterosexual attitude of regarding homosexuals as abnormal to some extent. Second, homosexuals face traditional society in two contradictory ways: on one hand they try not to let other people know their sexual orientation while on the other hand (since they are not the same as other people in society, their existence is a threat to society) they force themselves to excel as a form of protest against society and to prove themselves as a h"higher form of life".

In other words, if homosexual people regard themselves as natural as heterosexual people regard heterosexuals, there will be no pressure and no problem at all. So the biggest enemy for homosexual people is still homosexual people themselves. They will derive the same benefits from practicing chikung that ordinary people do.


Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI