What is the purpose or goal of chikung?

There are three major purposes or goals of chikung. First, chikung will perfect our health by strengthening our body, preventing us from becoming ill, healing our body and mind, and strengthening our immune system and balancing system . In this way, chikung enables us as modern people to meet the challenges of living in a deteriorating environment comprised of terrible urban pressures and unknown disease.

Second, chikung will strengthen our mental ability to handle things we encounter in our life in a harmonious way and with a relaxed attitude. This is possible because through the practice of chikung we learn to let go of the pressure in our life and thus escape being stubborn: this reduces antagonism between other people , letting us become more receptive to new ideas and ideologies. The result of this is seen in the development of our own wisdom and our balance.

The third purpose of chikung is to strengthen our spirit, making us believe we can rely on our real self instead of depending on some other kind of religious practice or discipline. This helps us to enlighten ourselves as well as to let go of our self.


Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI