Why is chi linked with the traditional forms of oriental philosophy or discipline?

The traditional oriental philosophies of Taoism, Chinese Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Confucianism adopted chikung theory and discipline practices for spiritual and mental training. These traditions focused on the combination between theory and practice (for example, applying thought into action) and assimilation of the Tao between man and nature.

Now, however, this religious training mainly focuses on the intellectual side of chikung. Most people who pursue higher mental or spiritual levels focus on the concept of enlightenment; if they take enlightenment merely as an intellectual concept or try to find it exclusively through reading books, they will discover that such an enlightenment to be an illusion. By focusing on intellectual discussions and research about these trainings and practices without including the physical practice, modern people cannot understand or experience true enlightenment.

Enlightenment is a state of power which combines physical and mental training after a long process of inner experience and tests or challenges. Therefore, it is a state only people who have enough energy and power can enter: it is not a world which people who just talk and think about enlightenment can enter. Traditional oriental training and disciplines have long focused on the combination between theory and practice to foster the development of energy and power which leads to enlightenment.


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